Android Tablets for In-store Product Information

It’s not long ago that electronic information points typically consisted of a touchscreen monitor connected to a Windows PC housed in a cabinet. The name ‘information kiosk’ was appropriate in that it reflected the bulky nature of these units. Over the last few years, however, the technology has moved ahead: information points are now compact ‘all-in-one’ systems that are easy to deploy and maintain. The era of the kiosk is over!

Consumer technology has been a significant driving force in the evolution of the in-store information point. The touch interface, once a rarity, is now commonplace in smartphones and tablets. Interacting with touchscreens has become second nature to most of us.

The simplicity of Android devices makes them well suited to use as information points and we are now starting to see Android-based information points from leading suppliers such as Elo Touch.

elo i-series

Elo’s I-Series touchscreen signage:

  • Built to withstand the rigours of retail environments.
  • Can be managed remotely (EloView).
  • Sleek, stylish and lightweight.
  • Available with 10-inch, 15-inch and 22-inch displays.




Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulations for Non-prepacked Products

Since December 2014, EU regulations have required all food businesses to provide consumers with certain information in relation to unpackaged food products. This is part of the broader food labelling requirements of EU Regulation 1169/2011. 

The key points of the legislation:

  • Food businesses in Ireland must provide information on food allergens in non-prepacked foods they sell or supply.
  • There are 14 allergens specified in the legislation.
  • The allergen information must be provided in written form. (An electronic display counts as a ‘written form’.)
  • The information must be “freely and easily available before the sale or supply” and be “in a conspicuous place”.
  • In the case of online sales, the information must be provided “before the purchase is concluded” or “at the moment of delivery”.
  • The Regulations apply to a wide range of organisations, including supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, school and college canteens, contract caterers and charitable organisations.
  • The Regulations also apply to food supplied free of charge, such as free samples or food supplied by charities.

The provisions relating to non-prepacked products are implemented in Ireland by Statutory Instrument No. 489 of 2014. Full details of the legislation can be found on the Food Safety Authority’s website. There is also a useful guidance note on food allergen information for non-prepacked foods in Ireland.

CommerceWare designs software solutions that enable our clients to manage food information efficiently and reliably. If your business supplies non-prepacked food products, please contact us. Our software will help you manage food allergens, calorie count and place of origin details in an efficient and reliable way, as well as making it much easier for consumers to find the food products that meet their dietary requirements.