CommerceWare builds web publishing systems that enable our clients to go beyond a basic website to manage their web presence in a more structured way. For example, you may require some or all of the following features:

  • Access Control
    You can control who has the power to view and to edit content for particular sections of the site. This is useful for organisations with multiple departments where fine-grained control over content is required.
  • Workflow
    Before content is displayed on your site it must go through an approval process. For example, an article created by a junior member of staff must be approved by their manager before it can go live on the site. The sequence of steps can be customised to suit your organisation.
  • Content Staging
    Where a substantial change to the site is planned and you need to be able to see the changes as you work on them, and then put the new content live in one go.

Much like building a new office for your business, the architectural decisions you make early on can have major cost implications for your web presence, so it’s important to choose your software platform carefully.

We use Drupal for the following reasons:

  • Robust Code
    Drupal is an Open Source system which means that the code is subject to large-scale peer review. It is code you can rely on.
  • You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel!
    The vast module ecosystem that exists around Drupal means that the functionality you need already exists – it just has to be customised to meet your particular needs.
  • Supplier Independence
    You have all of the source code, and your system will be built in a highly standardised way. Avoid becoming locked into a proprietary system.
  • It’s Built to Scale
    Whatever features you may need in the future, Drupal has you covered.

If your organisation needs to go beyond a basic website and implement a web publishing system, please contact us to find out what you could do with Drupal.